The recommended cycles of Turinabol for beginners is one of the safest and most simplified. It consists of 6 weeks, the optimal dosage for a beginner is 40 mg per day in two divided doses. Pyramid mode is not recommended for this product. The usual dosage for experienced athletes is 40-70 mg / day, with no significant side effects. Expect significant gains in mass and strength from such dosages.

What is the dosage for turinabol?

For mass gain, Turinabol is used in combination with the strong andogens Deca Durabolin , Testosterone. ( Testosterone Enanthate / Sustanon 250 mg / week + Turinabol 25 – 50 mg / day).

Please note that Turanabol 17-alpha alkylated steroid and in high doses or in combination with other similar drugs can be toxic to the liver.

The course for muscle relief, Turinabol is quite good in conjunction with Primobolan and / or Parabolan, Masteron, such a course will give you the figure of Mr. Olympia, a dry, traced mass, which is exactly what every bodybuilder aspires to.

After all these courses, we strongly recommend that you undergo testosterone stimulating therapy.

Turinabol dosages
What are the normal dosages of Turinabol?

The normal dose for women is 5-10 mg per day.                                                  

It’s important to know:

  • 1. Turinabol has no side effects in normal doses, do not exceed 60 mg.
  • 2. After taking the drug, its effect lasts up to 12 hours.
  • 3. The course of turinabol lasts from 4 to 10 weeks.
  • 4. Take the drug in divided doses, for example, half the daily dose in the morning and half in the evening.
  • 5. For greater effect, it is recommended to take turinabol with other anabolic steroids. A good combination for dry weight would be taking it together with Winstrol , Trenbolone Acetate , Boldenone , Nandrolone Decanoate , Testosterone Propionate .

Turinabol is primarily used to gain muscle mass and strength, one way or another, the drug will work in your body, but for maximum effect, the athlete must follow a strict regimen. When buying a Turinover, the user must read this paragraph. Improper use of the drug can lead to undesirable consequences.

The daily dose for men is 20-50 mg daily. More advanced athletes who have already undergone more than one course of steroids can bring dosages up to 100 mg per day, but doses are not recommended at all!

When you take 50 mg per day, muscle mass increases significantly up to 10 kg per course, strength increases by 35%, while water retention is minimal.

For bodybuilders, the dosage is determined as follows: body weight in kilograms is divided by 1.5 – 2, the resulting number will be the daily dose of the drug in milligrams.

Turinabol can be taken in one dose or separately, in the morning and in the evening.

The course of Turinabol solo does not require post-cycle therapy, but nevertheless, if you use a dose of more than 20 mg per day, to be on the safe side, start taking Clomid after the course. In the first week, drink 3 tablets per day (150 mg), for the next two weeks, 2 tablets.

Combination of Turinabol with other anabolic steroids                           

The chemical composition of Turinabol makes it a universal drug that allows you to work for maximum results with all steroids. The only thing you should consider is that the steroid in the 17 alpha position and in combination with other oral steroids increases liver toxicity.

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