For maximum results, Oral Turinabol is usually combined with other anabolic steroids and various androgens or fat burners. This is a much more profitable option in terms of the ratio of effectiveness and safety than the abuse of one single drug. The latter is fraught with severe side effects, including increased aggression, acne, decreased potency and the development of gynecomastia.

Turinabol cycles
Best Turinabol cycles for real athletes

5-6-week drying course: with testosterone propionate, 100 mg every other day;
7-8-week strength course: with stanozolol (water or oil suspension) 50 mg every other day.

Best Turinabol Cycle

WeekTurinabol number of tab. in a dayClomid number of tab. in a day
12 tab. in a day 
23 tab. in a day 
34 tab. in a day 
43 tab. in a day 
52 tab. in a day 
7 1 tab. in a day
8 1 tab. in a day
9 1 tab. in a day


Due to their slow, gradual effect on the body, preparations with Turinabol as an active ingredient are very easily combined with other anabolic steroids . Perhaps the most famous and popular combination at the moment is Turinabol + Testosterone Enanthate. This ligament allows you to qualitatively improve the muscle growth of an athlete. In the same way it is used together with Nandrolone. Turinabol + Nandrolone – the latter accelerates muscle growth, but pours them with water, while the former avoids wateriness. During the drying process, a binder with injectable stanozolol can be used to avoid harmful effects on the liver.

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